Wit’s End (#79)

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This is for you if you’re on an enlightened path and have experienced a lot of turbulence lately, rather than the amazing experiences you thought you ordered up. There’s powerful new energy coming in (if you haven’t noticed), and a number of my clients are feeling it. Otherwise, if you’re riding a high wave, tuck this article away to read on a rainy day.

When you’re finding it a bumpy ride, it may be some consolation to know that you’re not alone. Physically, much has been going on in the cosmos to stir things up. Outbursts of solar flares, solar winds and storms have been on the rise…basically, a number of intense things have been affecting the earth’s electromagnetic fields and in turn they affect us.

Or is it the other way around?

Going back to basics, everything in our consciousness is reflected outside of us. Remember, we create our experiences. And yet…there is also a sequence or ‘divine plan’ that is unfolding through our lives. You may have noticed that you can only guide things to a point; beyond that something else kicks in. 

Well I don’t feel like dwelling on that right now; I’m more into painting a picture of how you may be experiencing the turbulence so that you can acknowledge it, accept it and move on.

So let’s do that now; here’s the scene:

You wake up in the morning on the wrong side of bed. You reach for a colorful outfit because you heard that dark colors make you feel more solitary and that could be a bad thing. Then you change your mind…interaction doesn’t really appeal today anyway. So you throw the colorful clothes down and reach for a comfy black pullover.

You start to meditate (because that’s what wise people do), but the turmoil inside is just too strong right now. After all the great inner work that you’ve done, why does it seem that you’re sinking down a hole? Was The Promised Land just a mirage?

You walk around to shake off the thought and start into some work. But you can’t help but notice that the things you asked your co-workers and family for help with weren’t done. Well that’s nothing new. It appears that your core challenges weren’t fully addressed after all.

I cannot take this anymore

Saying everything I’ve said before

What’s the deal? Is peace and ease available for other people yet not for you? Does the universe not listen or is it mocking you?

You want one of those ‘get out of jail free’ cards, so you remember to ask from within again by praying, with more determination than ever. You also remember that you can choose what to focus on, so you regroup and get some housework done. However, the feelings are stronger than ever and you’re ready to burst inside.

You’re at your wit’s end.

You look at the dirty dishes in the kitchen and the thought of smashing them delights you. Would anyone notice or care if you did it though? You’d probably be the one replacing them.

A phone call comes in…the person who was going to help with your technology opted out because they decided to go golfing instead. Without thinking, you immediately say it’s ok, then realize just how quickly you gave in. You dislike that part of yourself. Why do you put everyone else’s needs first?

You’re starting to lose interest in, well…just about everything. You’re tired of learning lessons and being dragged through the mud. You thought you signed up for health, wealth and happiness yet at times like this, your life feels like a living hell. You just want to really live and enjoy yourself. Let’s just be done with all the lessons.

In desperation, you search for something to hang onto. You need to stay the course, right? So you turn on a guru’s talk and listen while you tidy up.

All these words: they make no sense

I find bliss in ignorance

Less I hear the less you’ll say

You’ll find that out anyway

You’re pacing now. You feel like a caged animal. Usually you find solace when listening to all the enlightened wisdom. Today though, it’s starting to irritate you just like everything else. The anger and frustration ride you until you get to the tipping point.

Everything you say to me

Takes me one step closer to the edge

And I’m about to break

I need a little room to breathe

‘Cause I’m one step closer to the edge

I’m about to break


I find the answers aren’t so clear

Wish I could find a way to disappear

All these thoughts: they make no sense

I find bliss in ignorance

Nothing seems to go away

Over and over again

-“One Step Closer”, Linkin Park

Then suddenly, it all collapses and you don’t care anymore. Just as quickly as it came, it went.

You don’t care so much about what direction your job takes, or even if you have one.

You don’t care whether your words will be too sharp for others.

You don’t care if they listen or not.

And you don’t care about fixing your technology.

Everything outside of you starts to pale in comparison to your immediate needs and desires. For once in your life you can tap into what you want in the present moment. Maybe you’ve surrendered to just being yourself. Hey, you notice that this way of being is much simpler!

You decide to put out paper plates for dinner and calmly tell your family they can use the real dishes after they learn to clean up. You feel no charge or anger; on some level you realize they were meant to bring you this experience and you appreciate that. You enjoy your dinner, go out for a ride in the car and are amazed at how much more centered you feel.

You’ve come to a turning point. So what if the process you used to get here wasn’t textbook perfect? It worked.


Until next time,

Live Deeply,TM




  1. Love it Goi g to try the paper plates. .

    • Oh you’ve got me laughing all over again Nicole!