Transform the Industry (#54)

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I think the answer is yes to industry transformation!

Those of us in the transformational/ personal development industry are helping many people awaken to the possibilities that exist beyond the old concepts of ‘reality’. In addition, we’ve facilitated and experienced many life-changing breakthroughs; that is awesome.

Now it’s time to take the next step.

Despite all of the breakthroughs, there are a number of coaches and lightworkers doing their utmost to trust in the process of experiencing their own personal transformation, yet they either give up on being entrepreneurs, or give in to playing small and treating the business as a hobby before they reach take-off speed.

I’m not talking about the people who are just testing the waters. I’m referring to the ones who have given it everything they’ve got and are stalling out. They think they need to heal more, clear more before they can succeed at the standard model, and it seems elusive. What’s the standard model? Basically doing most things on your own until something massively shifts.

With the growing number of enlightened souls, this model is showing that something’s in need of attention. We’re doing well but we need to evolve.

Besides, if we aren’t all about transformation, who is?

There is a solution, and I know what it is. I just don’t know exactly how it’s meant to unfold.

First, let me describe what I mean about the existing model or process most people follow to build a transformational business. After they become inspired to do this type of work, they undergo training (often much), and if they break through their fears of being visible, at least to some extent, they begin taking on clients. Often they identify their value by their modality, rather than their innate gifts.

         about 10% of business startups continue on, or ‘succeed’…

As an entrepreneur, you need to be a jack of all trades during the startup period. You network, connect, market, sign people on, work with clients, give talks, write blogs, keep track of your finances, breakthrough stuff…and that’s just the business part of your life.

Although there definitely is a lot to be gained while you get clear on your services and build your character during the startup period, at some point you need to let go of tasks that aren’t in alignment with your unique gifts. It’s challenging to build momentum and realize your potential when you’re focusing on the whole business.

And if you venture into the online world to figure out how to automate what you do, that’s stretching you even thinner until you have that piece sorted out. Even if you do get something out there online….well, there’s so much out there now that it’s just starting to sound like white noise.

So here’s the scoop.

It all comes down to valuing and recognizing each person for their deepest ‘superpowers’; failure to do this will bottleneck our efforts. You may think of it as an energetic blockage.

From my vantage point, what needs to happen is this:

  • those of us who offer transformational services need to get very clear on our unique gifts, message and what we’re designed to do (you need to go deep to really get this piece.)
  • we need to be open to seeing the natural abilities in each other and invest in them when needed
  • at a certain point in our business growth (once we know what we’re here to do), we need to focus our time, money and energy on expressing ourselves through our gifts and let go of the rest

In general, I don’t see that this has been happening.

Let the builders build, the writers write, the marketers market. Everyone can focus their attention on playing the part they were designed to play. The traditional idea of a corporation did have some good concepts, after all (who knew?) Some key differences in how we’d do it are as follows:

  • we would be exchanging value in a high vibrational field
  • we would be continually evolving
  • our quantitative measures of success would be linked to our industry’s values (I know this is fuzzy; I said I didn’t exactly know how it would play out)
  • we would put emphasis on discovering at a core level how we’re each uniquely designed and what our real gifts are

So, if we truly believe that we are all integral parts of a whole, let’s evolve our industry so that it’s in alignment with this principle. Think of the energy and struggle this would free up….

I’m committed to seeing the value in everyone. How about you?

Until next time,

Live Deeply,TM


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