Space, Time and Money

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How much of your life have you wished you had more time to yourself but felt compelled to work to make ends meet?

Wouldn’t it be really cool if you could resolve this apparent conflict between time and money and experience them in harmony?

“That’s not possible”, I hear you say, “don’t be ridiculous….both time and money are limited”.

Well, do you know that for sure? Everyone used to think the earth was flat, too.

Since money is part of our physical world (‘space’), let’s look more closely at the general relationship between the dimensions of space and time. You don’t have to be a geek to realize the exciting possibilities that are available to you…

Read on to expand your horizons…

Although we experience time and space as two totally separate things, Albert Einstein and many other quantum physicists have shown that they’re in fact interrelated. The first three dimensions have to do with space (our physical experience) and the fourth dimension represents time; there are a number of other dimensions as well.

It’s no coincidence that people will say they need more space if they want more time to themselves. These dimensions are, after all, connected in an energetic field.

The nature of space and time, or ‘spacetime’ as it’s called, is potentially limitless. Much research points to an infinite depth to these dimensions and therefore any components of them.

Guess what? Since money is a material expression of energy within space, this means that it, too, is infinite in supply. (I can hear my economics professors protesting; they can take it up with the quantum dudes.)

Without getting into too much detail here, the idea is that there’s an infinite web or matrix of energy that can be turned into physical form through the focus and intention of our consciousness. In normal lingo, this means:

  • there is no shortage or limit to the amount of money available
  • once you really get in tune with the quantum world, you have no need to invest so much time to manifest money; you can have the experience or ‘creating time’ as well

WHAT? Then why doesn’t everyone have an overflowing bank account and chill out at the beach all day? Seriously, this is the ‘real world’, Maura.

For now, let’s just say that there’s quite an art in learning how to consciously operate in the quantum field, and it’s no surprise that time is a major factor in that. You’ve heard about the importance of living in the present moment, right? Hmmm…it’s all tied in together.

And because the dimensions are interrelated, shifting your relationship with time affects your relationships in the physical world as well.

More coolness later,

Until then,

Live Deeply, TM


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