VIP Experience: Your Soul Profile

Thought I'd something more to say.

-“Time”, Pink Floyd

Discover Your purpose, mission and message and ways to express your gifts.

Soul ProfileThe Soul Profile Experience is a powerful opportunity to get clear about who you really are at soul level, what you’re here to do and what you want your life to ‘say’ to the world. During this deep experience, you will get an understanding of your ‘story’, what’s been holding you back from experiencing more fulfillment and freedom, and the next steps to toward pursuing your highest path.

Why is being clear on your purpose and message important?

  • your connection to the real ‘you’, your purpose and your core message, is the foundational element upon which the rest of your life is built
  • to know what you really want in life, so you can focus on those things rather than feeling scattered or directionless
  • to free up time to do what you enjoy
  • enables you to create a real plan for your life
  • to fulfill a greater purpose, give more of your value and service
  • to feel more inspired and alive
  • to stop pursuing things that don’t work for you
  • to make decisions more easily
  • to receive more value out of your time, energy and money rather than letting it go in many directions
  • to create the conditions for lasting improvements in other areas, such as health and wealth
  • clear out the clutter (mind, physical surroundings)

What results can I expect?

  • an understanding of what’s been holding you back on all levels energetically, through your thoughts, emotions, belief systems etc.
  • information about some of the qualities you could embrace, in order to create the conditions for a more fulfilling life
  • an understanding of your gifts, soul purpose and message
  • recommended next steps to take
  • you will receive any relevant information that you are open to at the time; being fully open and willing to consider new possibilities in your life is a definite asset

What’s involved and how do I book my Soul Profile Experience?

  • Meetings may be over skype or the phone. There are also a limited number of in-person spots available.

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