The Real Reason You’re Not Heard (#74)

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Do you get super frustrated when your opinion isn’t valued?

Is it often hard to get someone’s attention, or do they just not listen to you?

Maybe when you ask for help it falls on deaf ears…or perhaps you don’t even ask anymore.

If any of these are familiar to you, you absolutely need to read this now. Because…I can save you a lot of struggle and heartache. I want this insight to help you change your life forever. Through my own experience you’ll see the root cause of this dilemma and what to do about it!

Do you remember vinyl records? If you’re a young one, maybe you’ve collected a few because of their retro value. When scratched, vinyl records would get stuck in a groove and replay the same sequence over and over again. And if you also left them out in the sun like I sometimes did, they’d warp so the playback made you feel like you were on a roller coaster.

Lately I’ve noticed that every single time I get fixated on some idea and try to make it happen a certain way without frequently tuning in to see how it wants to unfold, I get stuck and the universe slows me down. When this takes place, I can’t move forward, just like a scratched vinyl record.

The warning signs may seem like little things at first…phone calls from duct cleaning salesmen that interrupt my chain of thought…friends and family reminding me to take a break or rest…my computer and phone acting out so it makes it difficult to connect with the outside world.

And if I continue on my predetermined path without listening, it builds.

Worse things start happening.

Like someone close to me doesn’t listen to something important that I tell them, and I get super agitated. Why aren’t they listening?

If I continue to go down that road, disregarding what the signs are telling me, I get more into a victimized story, spiraling down and down. You know, feeling like you can’t change things (that’s true if you’re trying to change things outside of you), feeling disempowered, not important…and so on.

If I remain focused on this story, ignoring what the universe is desperately trying to tell me…continuing to close off my inner guidance, I eventually get physically run down.

Everything slows me down until I have to stop and listen to my inner wisdom. My computer shuts down. My body gets fed up with my resistance. And then I can’t do the fun things I had planned. Spoiler alert!

Finally, I listen. I listen a little bit more, I let go of control just a little bit more. I surrender more and more to how, when and if the original idea I’m so excited about wants to unfold through me. I let go of feeling overly responsible for the outcome. I stop trying to make something happen, again. I stop playing God.

I welcome in more frequent guidance from within, and more support from the universe.

I stop blaming things outside of me, and then I stop blaming myself.

Instead, I feel grateful that I am receiving guidance and support. I’m learning the ropes and I’m happy that I finally listened.

I remind myself that it’s just a game I’ve been playing with myself…maybe this time I’ll totally let go of trying to oversee things. I’ll totally let go and trust that I am supported and abundantly taken care of. I have that choice.

You do too. Where in your life are you trying to control how something will unfold and not continually listening to your guidance? Where are you stuck in a groove and replaying a pattern that doesn’t move you forward?

You’re not heard because you don’t regularly listen to your intuition.

My advice is to play the full song. Don’t keep it locked up anymore.

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Make every moment count.

Until next time,

Live Deeply,TM


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  1. Thank you Maura for your honest vulnerability. I too get stuck sometimes in the same ole story…different players but the story feels,so familiar.

    I so appreciate your reminder to slow down, take time to time in and listen.

    I encourage anyone struggling to reach out to Maura – she cares deeply and lovingly supports you to play your full song!

    • Thank you so much Karen!

  2. My mother has dementia. I moved in with her 5+ years ago, taking on the role of her caregiver. I saw nothing else to do. No one else cared enough to get involved. It seems we are stuck in ‘her’ very negative & narrow minded mental-emotional groove together, the same negative groove I grew up in, with her owning everything around her, and condemning everything about me. The more obsessive she acts about what, when and how she can behave in her own space [like a demented totalitarian ruler],the more she steps on my painful Achilles heel with her critical verbal condemnation of my life, and disregard for my occupying space in the home we live in together [remember, she has dementia, and can’t live on her own]. I am stuck on replay, & the needle has gone through the vinyl.

    • Hi Christine, I hear you 🙂 There IS a way to shift all of this. It would be great if there were a magic pill but…it’s more like a process. Please feel free to request a free energy scan if you’d like to see what’s possible (see bottom of pages on my website). Or just email me at
      Loads of love, Maura