One Day Left

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If you had just one day left on this earth, how would you make the most of it?

A number of people have been asking me how to get clear on the vision for their life and what the next stage holds for them. Whether you think you’re totally clueless as to what this looks like, or you’re pretty confident in terms of where you’re going, you can always take a deeper look at what you want.

Join me in answering some thought-provoking questions to help you explore what truly matters to you, and see my free offer for deeper support.

A few years ago when I asked myself the basic question of how I’d make the very most of one last day, I was amazed at how clear and simple my answers were. I thought I’d want some flashy proof of my contributions and an action-packed schedule. Instead, the key things that came through were: investing time with my family, doing my favorite outdoor activities while surrounded by nature, and topping the day off with a rocking concert.

That’s it? I remember being rather shocked. Simple though the idea was, it captured key elements that have always been important in my life and always will be. Sometimes it’s a simple exercise like this that shows core aspects of yourself to honor, expand and integrate in your vision. You’re meant to express your enjoyment of those elements into the world for others to benefit from as well.

After you answer the general question, here are some more specific questions that may help you gain more insight:

• What people would you want to see that day? Who would you phone? What would you say? How could you really touch them and leave an indelible impression?

• What would make you laugh? How could you allow in so much sheer joy that you felt like you were already in heaven?

• What places would you visit? Would you get lost in the woods, swim in the lake, fly to a special place, spend time in your garden, relax under the stars?

• What forms of creativity would enhance your day? What music would you play? How would you dress? Imagine the food, the aromas, and the art that could add those sparks throughout your experience.

• What activities would you plan? Would they be your go-to favorites, or a mix of some old familiar ones and some you haven’t yet tried? Would you prefer a lot of activities or just a few focused ones?

• How could you make the day even better?

When you ask yourself these questions, chances are that your answers will be filtered through the conditioning of what you think is possible, or what you ‘should’ want. Or it may be so foggy for you that you don’t feel a passion for anything. That happens when you’re thinking through things rather than connecting with your heart.

So I’m inviting you for deeper support on a free private call with me to get underneath the camouflage and tap into some of the desires you’ve got buried inside. I’ll take the first 5 people who email me and put in the headline ‘I want clarity now.’ My email address is

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