Masters of Authentic Expression (#64)

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“Video clips don’t do justice to the energy in the room generated by a performer who communicated more with a flick of the finger than anyone else’s high kicks.”

-re Gord Downie (Maclean’s Magazine 2017)

Every so often you come across a person who expresses themself fully and completely. Unencumbered by too many layers of conditioning, they allow you to see right through to their soul.

Whatever means they use to completely let loose, whether it’s through music, art, dance or literature, one thing’s for sure: they’ll make an impression on you. It’s as if their way of expressing themself has a clear channel into your heart. Whether you like their style or not, you will have received what they put out.

Read on to see the characteristics of people who’ve been masters of authentic self-expression, and the first steps you can take towards making your own imprint on the world.

Personally, I’ve always loved music and art that display the raw character of the artist. It’s kind of like the rugged, wild terrain in northern Ontario with its deep lakes, tall forests and large rock formations. The experience of being there is just so amazingly freeing. It’s not processed, or neat and pruned with everything in place; it’s just natural.

Another thing I admire is the mastery of a skill displayed through someone, especially when that skill is an inner gift rather than something totally learned. Although we’re all born with natural talents, it takes something special to develop them from the incubation phase to full mastery.

When you put these together, you get a master of authentic expression. As I’ve observed my favorite creative masters over the years, I’ve noticed they have the following characteristics:

  • an awareness of what they’re designed to do
  • a willingness to just be themselves (a few very popular vocalists sing off-key)
  • an ability to tap into emotions, from the highest highs to the lowest lows
  • they draw on their deep experiences to bring out their finest works
  • a steadfast focus on developing their talents
  • they create or perform from their heart not their head

If you’re far from being a master at connecting with people yet you really want to learn how to make an impression, here are the first things you need to do:

  • gain clarity on who you are and how you’re designed to express yourself
  • break through the fears and layers of conditioning that hold you back
  • tap into your inner desire to be recognized and valued for being yourself
  • learn how to focus on and follow through with an inspired vision for your life

Need help? Contact me to see how you can get started.


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  1. Awesome Maura
    Thanks to you and Gord Downie
    Love from Anne

    • Keep mastering your craft Anne. I think Gord is helping us from a higher perspective now. 🙂
      Much love.