Live Deeply Through Your Senses (#57)

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You’re a busy person. I get it. And you’d probably love to knock a few more things off your dreaded to-do list before you take a break.

I’m curious though…how long have you been living like this? Do you want something more?

I’ve learned the hard way: too much do…do brings lots of doo-doo. And who wants that?

After resisting the good advice of my mentors for SO LONG, after running nonstop like the little engine that could…after all of the doo-doo, I’ve learned ONE THING.

I’ve finally come to the same conclusion as the wise ones (despite thinking that I knew better). I’ve learned that LIVING DEEPLY through your senses is what brings fulfillment. EVERY TIME.

People say it different ways. Meditate….(yawn). Be present (what’s that really?) I understand it as just experiencing: taking life in through your senses. You could say just ‘being’, yet you can go much deeper with it than that.

Read on as I pull back the curtain and explore how to LIVE DEEPLY now.

Wow…you may be wondering if I’m inhaling some funny stuff to give me this high. If black tea qualifies, then yes. Otherwise…I’m just inhaling life. Yes!

The achiever part of me does wish that I was farther along in some of my projects, and although I still listen to that part of me, I listen in a different way than I used to. Instead of letting the voice in my head convince me that I’m not doing enough, I tune into my heart every day to see what I really want to focus on. That way, the things that aren’t aligned with me stop competing for attention for that day. Basically, I give myself permission to pay full attention to an activity, within a certain block of time.

Once you’re able to fully focus on one thing at a time, how do you deeply experience it?

Living Deeply is easily experienced when you’re either out in nature, or in a quiet place. Once you get the hang of it in these conditions, you can apply the idea to other situations.

As an example, I’ll describe my experience the other day when I took my camera down to the dock.

My intention was to enjoy and capture the beauty around me with some photos. As I walked out on the dock, I noticed the warmth of the air, the scent of the nearby evergreens and the stillness of the water. A seagull touched down on the water’s surface and floated along peacefully as the sun sank below the tree line. The colors were magnificent, from the pale yellows of the setting sun to the deep dark blues of the water.

As I heard the water quietly lapping up on the shore, I gazed into it and could almost feel the coolness of the lake as I stared deeper and deeper into the inky blackness. My breath was slow and steady, and my full awareness was on whatever was coming through my senses. As I fully took in the beauty around me, I was translating that into inner sensations and a clear awareness. I felt fully alive.

Instead of thinking, I was simply experiencing. I took a few photos, gazed into the scene one more time with feelings of gratitude and peace, and walked back.

So there you have it, an example of how I enjoy living deeply. The more I do it, the more I absolutely love my life.

How about you?

Till next time,

Live Deeply,TM




  1. Nicely defined Maura. Thank you!

  2. Thank you Maura – I “feel” an awe-some sense of calm now that I’ve read this simple reminder. Gotta admit that early on I was totally connected with needing to get things done, marked off the list, yet I my attention was scattered and I was having trouble focusing. So, I started cleaning up emails – and here’s yours…just in God’s perfect timing. I stuck with the anxious thoughts of what I “should be” doing and read this entire post and like magic…through your words I could hear, smell, see, and feel serenity. Thank you!