The Little Engine That Couldn’t (#67)

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Do you like children’s story books? 

I do. And even though there’s a part of me that thinks fairy tales are delusional, the deeper sense that I have is that they don’t have to be. That’s why I coach and help people break through to things they never thought possible in their lives.

I’m guessing you sense that untapped possibilities are available to you as well, leading to that fairy tale life. So you search and strive to find that opening. You know you’ve made progress in the past, and that gives you confidence to draw on.

But then, there are the dark days. The days when you tell yourself it was all just a dream, a nice thought, but totally impractical. You feel you just don’t measure up.

And then you get mad or frustrated with yourself for even wanting something more in the first place. It was a pipe dream. You tell yourself that everything’s okay as it is.

You’ll settle.


Just like you’ve always done.

You’ve dipped back down into ‘The Little Engine That Couldn’t”.

But your friends and supporters tell you that you can. This time.

You don’t want to give it your ‘all’ any more, it’s so much effort. You just want to hide.

You put on some soothing music, do some yoga…anything to calm down. Peace is where it’s at.

The seed of desire and hope for something different that was planted inside of you must have been a decoy. It was put there to tempt you, to fool you…so that you could be that silly dreamer off chasing rainbows that collapse again and again. Maybe you’re simply here to amuse other people, the mainstream ones.

Most of the world sticks to the tried and true, and that’s what you should do too, right? You wonder if you’d be better to scrap your dreams for good and say no to the part of you that really wants to play, follow your passion and have fun. You wonder if you should ever trust yourself again.

But why does that inner impulse and desire for more seem like the deeper thing? And why do your closest supporters tell you to stay on the train for just a bit longer? Soon you’ll be at the top of the hill you’ve been climbing and you’ll be basking in the light.

If you’ve ever had times like this when you feel things slipping away, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The truth is that you do have the strength and courage to go for it; you just need to decide that the abundant life you’re designed to live is a slam-dunk. It’s happening; it’s done. All you need to do is to trust your instinct (which you’ve been questioning) and follow through with the steps it reveals, one at a time.

If the great innovators of the world had given up, we’d never have enjoyed what they brought to us. Think about that.

Where’s your little engine at today?

Until next time,

Live Deeply,TM