Just Scream (#75)

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‘Just scream. Let the voices out’

                                                    -‘Just Scream’, Tom Cochrane

 Is there a part inside of you just screaming to get out?

To be expressed, to be valued, to be heard.

To break things open so that you can get your needs met with ease.

To usher in a life in which you’re deeply experiencing what you want and being fully supported.

If you’re a polite, responsible person, I’ll bet it’s getting harder now for you to ignore this inner force.

Read on to see how this is often experienced by my clients and one suggestion I may give them when they need immediate relief.

A number of my clients (perhaps you’re one) tend to be overly responsible, charming people who really want to experience a deeper sense of connection and yet have trouble receiving support. Sometimes it shows up through their career, and sometimes in their relationships, or both. They question what they’re really here to do in life, and they excel at tuning into everyone’s needs but their own. Over time, the tendency to bury their needs leads to a very strong desire within for change.

If this sounds familiar, I’ve captured some of what you may have experienced in the following sequence…

You take on a lot, hoping to keep everyone happy and have some time for yourself at the end of the day. Yet…it doesn’t seem to matter how much you do or how much you accomplish, things just stay the same.

You’re not feeling acknowledged for what you’ve done, and when you could really use some relief, no-one steps up to the plate to help. The people around you seem to get their needs met (you make sure of that right?) and yet you often seem to come out short.

When you start thinking about the problem in more detail, you come up with all the good reasons it’s unfair to expect more from others. And they’re very good reasons. How could you be so selfish to expect more?

So it’s just as it always was…it seems it’s all up to you. You have to perform, to keep on keeping on. Yet the inner frustration of it all just won’t go away.

You wonder…what does it really take to break through this ***!!!***???

Will anything ever really change?

You try to keep your act together but feel you’re about to break.

You don’t want to appear like an irrational idiot who’s lost it…you’re too smart for that. Besides, you’re supposed to be a role model for others.

You’re afraid of what may happen if you did let yourself go….you may lose the respect of those close to you…or you may lose them. And of course you don’t want to hurt them, what could be worse?

Back to the dilemma…your feelings are telling you one thing and your mind is telling you another. What to do?

You want something fast, to relieve the pain without burying it anymore. You want something to change…

In moments like these, I suggest reaching for the perfect song; a song that hits the right chord and digs into that energy.

And…you get to choose it.

This is fast, easy, effective and it moves energy.

The next time you’re screaming inside yet being relatively calm on the outside, reach for a song. Let the voices out.


Until next time,

Live Deeply,TM