Experience an Intuitive Energy Scan

And that's what dreams are for
Knocking at your spiritual door
When your body is burning
You reach for the light

-“Don’t Hold Me Back”, Ian Gillan

Do you know what’s holding you back?

Do you know what’s holding you back from feeling energetic, inspired and valued?

Intuitive Energy

Have you searched for solutions to roadblocks in your life yet nothing seems to work?

Do you dislike the thought of working in a corporate environment and want something more, yet you’re unsure how to move forward?

Did you know that the clues showing you how to live your most fulfilling life are already within you?

The quickest and most direct way of identifying unique, positive aspects about you, as well as finding exactly what is holding you back from living a fulfilling life is an energy profile. These intuitive readings are done over the phone by reading the energy of your chakras. How is that possible? Everything, including thoughts and feelings, is a form of energy and it travels in waves. That is how information is passed. Have you ever entered a meeting room without knowing what had just transpired, and sensed something? If so, then you intuitively picked up the energy. And when you have developed your intuitive skills, you can sense energy over a distance as well.

The intuitive scan takes about 15 minutes while you simply relax, then feedback is provided which brings you a new level of awareness. This is the first key to transformation!

Please allow 45-60 minutes for the entire Energy Profile since you’ll get lots of insight.

Learn exactly what is holding you back from your true potential and find out what steps to take to move forward! Get a free Intuitive Energy Profile now: Click here.


The intuitive energy profile you completed for me was amazing. And you were able to complete the whole process over a SKYPE call – how fabulous and convenient. What you told from the energy scan was very accurate and insightful. I really feel you have helped me understand what is going on in my life and given me some really key ideas for beginning to make the changes I want. You certainly have provided me with a more meaningful and deeper understanding of myself. I would recommend your energy scan to anyone who wants to achieve a deep, meaningful understanding of themselves.~ Gregg Hannah


I just had a terrific energy scan by Maura Smith. Even being hundreds of miles away she was spot on and I could feel her energy working through me. She gave very insightful feedback.~Marilyn Joy