How Much Is Enough?

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Let’s do a little experiment to see how much ‘not enoughness’ is actually running your life. Have you ever done that?

Once you realize how many of your thoughts, feelings and actions are triggered deep down by the underlying pattern of ‘not enough’, it can be a real eye-opener.

And that’s what I want for you…an undeniable awareness of how much this unconscious pattern is sabotaging your life. The awareness can open up new possibilities…choices that you never before considered. It also may trigger the desire to be done with that old pattern for once and for all.

You in? Read on to finally quantify how much of your life is being run by ‘not enoughness’. Then you get to decide if you’ve had enough of the ‘not enough’ story.

Although we prefer to think that we’re consciously running our lives, most of us are ‘asleep’. This means that unconscious decisions and patterns are driving us most, or all, of the time. When living unconsciously, we’re largely unaware of the many possibilities and choices that are available to us at any moment. It’s like our minds have been programmed and we aren’t even aware that we can hack the programming. Would you like to turn things around to get different results?

As a coach, I notice how the stories that people tell me about their struggles emanate from a few core decisions they unconsciously made about themselves or the world around them. For example:

  • Unlovable
  • Unworthy
  • Unsupported
  • Undervalued
  • Undeserving

Ahhh…the ‘uns’. Each person has different degrees to which hey unconsciously experience each one. And what you consciously think you believe doesn’t necessarily match your deeper unconscious energy signature.

In the coaching industry, the ‘not enough’ decision about life is often lumped in together with the ‘uns’. In a way, though, it lies underneath all of them: not enough love, not enough worth, not enough support; it comes from an underlying belief that you’re not enough in some way. This belief creates experiences of lack and limitation.

It’s easy to see how a limited mindset can be developed. Our perception of our world, based only on the five senses, gives us continual feedback or ‘proof’ that there’s limited time, money, jobs, food, etc.

But that’s not what quantum physics tells us, and it’s not what can be sensed when you develop a deeper connection to life.

Here’s the little experiment I mentioned that you can do, to quantify the extent to which your belief in lack is currently running the show. You’ll get much more out of this exercise if you actually do it, even if you think you’re already an enlightened master.

It’s very simple, yet you do have to be willing to observe yourself and take some notes for a day. Throughout the day, keep track of your thoughts, feelings and the reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing, and be as honest as you can with yourself. Are you doing a certain activity because you’re afraid of losing your income (not enough money), you’re afraid that someone won’t love you (not enough love), you don’t want to miss out on some fun activity although deep down you’re tired (not enough fun), etc.

Break it down so that each time you’re focusing on something new, you notice what’s going on inside and take notes. Also roughly estimate the amount of time you focused on it. For example, if you spend four hours at work in the morning, check in on yourself each time you move onto something different (a new task, a break, a conversation, daydreaming, etc) rather than lumping all four hours in one.

Drill down into each point to see what’s really driving it. Some of your activities may be coming from inspiration (uplifting energy), and others from a contractive state (usually from lack and limitation).

At the end of the day you can roughly tally up the percentage of time you were living from lack and limitation rather than from abundance and inspiration.

If you’re highly driven by ‘not-enoughness’, you may balk at the idea of this exercise because you don’t think you have the time. The irony! And that’s exactly why you’d benefit from this; it’s a chance to expose the pattern of lack that’s keeping you in this state.

How did you do? Send a reply so I know that you decided to increase your level of awareness. The fact that you actually follow through is what counts.

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