The Dark Place Within (#66)

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What’s the very LAST place you’d want to explore within your own consciousness?

The thing you’ve never revealed to anyone

Nobody could make you go there, or pry it out of you. Maybe you don’t even know what it is, but you can feel it.

Besides, why open up a can of worms when you can just ignore it? That’s what you’ve done ‘till now, right? But then, it does take a lot of energy to keep that scary stuff held in place. And you probably spend lots of time or money on diversions to distract you from the pain of facing it.

Okay take a breath…

Don’t you just love these fun conversations?

What if I told you that the dark place is exactly where you do need to go to unleash all of those elusive things that you desire so much?

What if you knew that once you opened that space up a little that it wasn’t that dark after all? That you didn’t have to be afraid? Imagine the relief of letting go of all that resistance.

If you’re tired of living a monotone life, contact me at and we’ll see how to face the darkness together and bring your vibrancy out.

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Live Deeply,TM