How To Create A Golden Atmosphere (#70)

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Part of living deeply is to fully take in what’s around you and let it really land on the inside. That way, an otherwise boring experience sparks the life force within you and delivers value that you may otherwise have passed by.

I’m aware that many people don’t extract the full essence out of an experience…yet I think it has always come naturally to me. An analogy would be making tea….if it’s rushed then the taste is much weaker than a well-brewed cup. When you extract the full essence of what’s available to you, you take in more and have a richer, more satisfying experience.

Would you like an example? Read on to see how doing simple, routine activities can create a golden atmosphere outside of you and within.

This time of the year I enjoy decorating the house for Christmas. After doing it for many years, the ritual seems to have taken on a depth of its own. It’s as if all of the feel-good sensations from my previous holidays are stored within the ritual of decorating itself. As each box is opened, the memories and positive associations spill out and add another dimension to the scene.

Part of what makes the experience special is the atmosphere that’s created. There’s an element of anticipation, looking forward to unwrapping each familiar knick-knack and placing it where it looks the best. I add the powerful sound of the music to the experience (I like the traditional choirs and orchestras at this time), colorful lights that twinkle and light everything up, the scent of candles and apple cider, and I also throw some soft blankets on the sofa. Every single sense is awakened and its message translated to something that’s hard to fully capture in words.

Taking in the beautiful scene, it looks and feels golden. It’s as if the golden light and the warm thoughts generated by the experience are absorbed directly inwards to create feelings of peace and serenity.

Creating an atmosphere is something you can easily do…sometimes it’s just little touches that are needed to wake up more of your senses. Tapping into enlivening memories also triggers the feelings associated with those thoughts. That way you’re focusing on great things both outside and within. And of course, being present is important so you can really absorb it all.

And hey, if Christmas isn’t your thing, you can easily apply these ideas to something else.


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