Beautiful Snowflakes (#69)

Posted by on Dec 7, 2017 in Articles | Comments Off on Beautiful Snowflakes (#69)

Sometimes I tire myself out. The searching, the striving, the struggle. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Then there are the experiences of sheer enlightenment. They happen every single time I get bored with myself and decide to simply take life in.

That’s what happened this morning so I’m sharing it in a poem for you.

Enlightenment’s not something to achieve. It’s about being connected. And it’s available any time you choose to tap in.



Snowflakes falling gently

From heaven to the earth

Glowing in the lamppost light

As they flow with ease and worth.


Lighting up my morning

Filling me with joy

Every one so beautiful

And touching me within.


Tears streaming down my face

To have this deep connection

To just be still, to just love life

Through every clear direction.


The snowflakes do so mesmerize

And bring such peace to me

And in a glance of watching them

I know that I am free.



Love to all the Snowflakes out there.


Live Deeply,TM