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New Insights

In the Stillness (#81)

As you may know, I just love conveying an atmosphere, experience or feeling through words and images, so that I can share it with you.

Today I translated the magnificent stillness that I witnessed outdoors this morning through a poem.


One Day Left

If you had just one day left on this earth, how would you make the most of it?

A number of people have been asking me how to get clear on the vision for their life and what the next stage holds for them. Whether you think you’re totally clueless as to what this looks like, or you’re pretty confident in terms of where you’re going, you can always take a deeper look at what you want.

Join me in answering some thought-provoking questions to help you explore what truly matters to you, and see my free offer for deeper support.


Wit’s End (#79)

This is for you if you’re on an enlightened path and have experienced a lot of turbulence lately, rather than the amazing experiences you thought you ordered up. There’s powerful new energy coming in (if you haven’t noticed), and a number of my clients are feeling it. Otherwise, if you’re riding a high wave, tuck this article away to read on a rainy day.

When you’re finding it a bumpy ride, it may be some consolation to know that you’re not alone. Physically, much has been going on in the cosmos to stir things up. Outbursts of solar flares, solar winds and storms have been on the rise…basically, a number of intense things have been affecting the earth’s electromagnetic fields and in turn they affect us.

Or is it the other way around?

Going back to basics, everything in our consciousness is reflected outside of us. Remember, we create our experiences. And yet…there is also a sequence or ‘divine plan’ that is unfolding through our lives. You may have noticed that you can only guide things to a point; beyond that something else kicks in. 

Well I don’t feel like dwelling on that right now; I’m more into painting a picture of how you may be experiencing the turbulence so that you can acknowledge it, accept it and move on.

So let’s do that now; here’s the scene:


How Much Is Enough?

Let’s do a little experiment to see how much ‘not enoughness’ is actually running your life. Have you ever done that?

Once you realize how many of your thoughts, feelings and actions are triggered deep down by the underlying pattern of ‘not enough’, it can be a real eye-opener.

And that’s what I want for you…an undeniable awareness of how much this unconscious pattern is sabotaging your life. The awareness can open up new possibilities…choices that you never before considered. It also may trigger the desire to be done with that old pattern for once and for all.

You in? Read on to finally quantify how much of your life is being run by ‘not enoughness’. Then you get to decide if you’ve had enough of the ‘not enough’ story.


Would You Eat the Pie? (#77)

I thought we’d have a little fun today with a what-if scenario. Sound good?

Despite the title, this is not a story about health or food. It’s more to do with congruence. If you’re wondering why you’re not getting the results you want, this could be a BIG factor. So pay attention and see how little things can affect your results in life and your ultimate fulfillment.

Imagine this:

You’re at a party that one of your friends is holding and you’re having a very good time. You wander into the kitchen to see if you can help to get dinner on the table, and overhear that your best friend made a scrumptious pie for dessert. There’s some excited chatter about how the recipe had been passed down from her great grandmother, and she even had some of the ingredients shipped directly from her family’s hometown.

Intrigued, you decide you’ll definitely try a piece later.


Dark Feelings (#76)

You’re a good person, and you’ve tried really hard. You know, you’ve done all of the ‘right’ things to feel fulfilled. But suppose you’ve recently experienced a ton of crapola and you’ve just had enough of it.

You feel down, you feel dark.

Let me set the stage…

You’ve had a hard day at work. You arrived late at the office because of traffic, walked in late to a meeting to receive cold glares, and worked through your lunch-hour feeling like you had to make up for your misdemeanors. When you arrive home at night, your best friend calls to say they’re moving…to another country. You check your messages to find that your bank account is overdrawn. You ask your partner to help you with some housework and notice they’re sleeping in their chair.

You’ve had enough; your feelings start to well up….you’re beside yourself.

Is the universe punishing me you wonder? I just want these dark feelings to go away.

But then…you remember some spiritual principles that you learned by reading these blog posts, or that you may have learned from another teacher.

Read further to review some of these core principles, and prepare yourself for an exciting new series I’ll be sending you to deal with the ‘dark’ emotions. No more masking, pretending, or playing around. We’ll be going deep in this series with no sugar-coating, so let’s get ready for this.


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