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New Insights

Beautiful Snowflakes (#69)

Sometimes I tire myself out. The searching, the striving, the struggle. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Then there are the experiences of sheer enlightenment. They happen every single time I get bored with myself and decide to simply take life in.

That’s what happened this morning so I’m sharing it in a poem for you.

Enlightenment’s not something to achieve. It’s about being connected. And it’s available any time you choose to tap in.


Break On Through (#68)

Are you wondering…WHAT AM I REALLY HERE TO DO?

Do you sense that you have much value to offer, yet others don’t fully see it in you?

That’s pretty frustrating.

Maybe you don’t have a clue what you were born to do even though you suspect something’s there.

Maybe you have an idea of what it is, but you don’t have enough clarity to know what to do about it.

Maybe you know what your natural talents are but you don’t believe you know enough or are good enough at them yet.

Maybe you know what your mission is but can’t quite articulate it.

Maybe you’ve spelled it out to others clearly but they just don’t get it or think it’s important.

…or maybe you’re scared silly to even put yourself out there and follow your heart.

Does any of this resonate?

I’ve been through it all. I know the pain of each step and what it takes to move forward.

Read on to see why it’s JUST SO IMPORTANT to pay attention to the part of you that knows you’re meant for more.


The Little Engine That Couldn’t (#67)

Do you like children’s story books? 

I do. And even though there’s a part of me that thinks fairy tales are delusional, the deeper sense that I have is that they don’t have to be. That’s why I coach and help people break through to things they never thought possible in their lives.

I’m guessing you sense that untapped possibilities are available to you as well, leading to that fairy tale life. So you search and strive to find that opening. You know you’ve made progress in the past, and that gives you confidence to draw on.

But then, there are the dark days. The days when you tell yourself it was all just a dream, a nice thought, but totally impractical. You feel you just don’t measure up.

And then you get mad or frustrated with yourself for even wanting something more in the first place. It was a pipe dream. You tell yourself that everything’s okay as it is.

You’ll settle.


Just like you’ve always done.

You’ve dipped back down into ‘The Little Engine That Couldn’t”.

But your friends and supporters tell you that you can. This time.


The Dark Place Within (#66)

What’s the very LAST place you’d want to explore within your own consciousness?

The thing you’ve never revealed to anyone

Nobody could make you go there, or pry it out of you. Maybe you don’t even know what it is, but you can feel it.

Besides, why open up a can of worms when you can just ignore it? That’s what you’ve done ‘till now, right? But then, it does take a lot of energy to keep that scary stuff held in place. And you probably spend lots of time or money on diversions to distract you from the pain of facing it.

Okay take a breath…

Don’t you just love these fun conversations?


How Being Selfish Can Help Everyone (#65)


When I think back over the best advice or tasks given to me by my awesome friends, naturopath and coaches, it always sounded like this:

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been told to work harder or to be harder on myself; it’s been just the opposite: to take great care of myself and build more enjoyment into my life.

I’ve seen the positive results when I listen to this advice; I understand how everything becomes easier and lighter.

And that’s what I want for you. I want you to discover just how awesome it can be when you regularly give to yourself.

Read on to see why this is so important, why it’s not selfish to take care of #1, and how gifting yourself helps everyone.


Masters of Authentic Expression (#64)

“Video clips don’t do justice to the energy in the room generated by a performer who communicated more with a flick of the finger than anyone else’s high kicks.”

-re Gord Downie (Maclean’s Magazine 2017)

Every so often you come across a person who expresses themself fully and completely. Unencumbered by too many layers of conditioning, they allow you to see right through to their soul.

Whatever means they use to completely let loose, whether it’s through music, art, dance or literature, one thing’s for sure: they’ll make an impression on you. It’s as if their way of expressing themself has a clear channel into your heart. Whether you like their style or not, you will have received what they put out.

Read on to see the characteristics of people who’ve been masters of authentic self-expression, and the first steps you can take towards making your own imprint on the world.


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