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New Insights

Dark Feelings (#76)

You’re a good person, and you’ve tried really hard. You know, you’ve done all of the ‘right’ things to feel fulfilled. But suppose you’ve recently experienced a ton of crapola and you’ve just had enough of it.

You feel down, you feel dark.

Let me set the stage…

You’ve had a hard day at work. You arrived late at the office because of traffic, walked in late to a meeting to receive cold glares, and worked through your lunch-hour feeling like you had to make up for your misdemeanors. When you arrive home at night, your best friend calls to say they’re moving…to another country. You check your messages to find that your bank account is overdrawn. You ask your partner to help you with some housework and notice they’re sleeping in their chair.

You’ve had enough; your feelings start to well up….you’re beside yourself.

Is the universe punishing me you wonder? I just want these dark feelings to go away.

But then…you remember some spiritual principles that you learned by reading these blog posts, or that you may have learned from another teacher.

Read further to review some of these core principles, and prepare yourself for an exciting new series I’ll be sending you to deal with the ‘dark’ emotions. No more masking, pretending, or playing around. We’ll be going deep in this series with no sugar-coating, so let’s get ready for this.


Just Scream (#75)

‘Just scream. Let the voices out’

                                                    -‘Just Scream’, Tom Cochrane

 Is there a part inside of you just screaming to get out?

To be expressed, to be valued, to be heard.

To break things open so that you can get your needs met with ease.

To usher in a life in which you’re deeply experiencing what you want and being fully supported.

If you’re a polite, responsible person, I’ll bet it’s getting harder now for you to ignore this inner force.

Read on to see how this is often experienced by my clients and one suggestion I may give them when they need immediate relief.


The Real Reason You’re Not Heard (#74)

Do you get super frustrated when your opinion isn’t valued?

Is it often hard to get someone’s attention, or do they just not listen to you?

Maybe when you ask for help it falls on deaf ears…or perhaps you don’t even ask anymore.

If any of these are familiar to you, you absolutely need to read this now. Because…I can save you a lot of struggle and heartache. I want this insight to help you change your life forever. Through my own experience you’ll see the root cause of this dilemma and what to do about it!


When I Want To Escape (#73)

I’ll keep it light and simple today. Because I want to escape from, well, thinking.

I was going to give you some really clever advice on this topic but…I didn’t want to think about it.

So I stared outside for a bit, and wrote down some words that came to me.

Here you go…



Is It Safe To Speak Up? (#72)

Do you usually feel appreciated when you offer your viewpoint? Is it even safe to share what it is? Or do you carefully screen people to see if they’re on the ‘safe’ list?

Maybe you’ve never noticed that you do it. Screening people to determine if they’re ‘safe’ to talk to, I mean. You may do it automatically, as part of your M.O.

Because, if you ever had your guard completely down and you were just spontaneously being yourself, you might get stung, right? You know, someone might get mad at you, or they might make fun of you or judge you in some terrible way. They might give you a weird look. Or…you might be totally ignored. I wonder what would be the very worst…

If this sounds familiar, read on to see why you’ve developed this habit, and gain insights to turn it around and live into a more fulfilling life.


A Clear Direction (#71)

So you don’t know what you really want?

Yes you do.

The idea that you really do know what you want may surprise you. And although on a conscious level you may be unaware of it, the clues have been there all along.

Underneath all the layers, all the conditioning, all the confusion, you’ve always known what you’re searching for. That special blend of just the perfect activities in the perfect dose with the perfect timing; the precise experiences that you’d love.

The problem is, you’ve been searching and looking outside for the answers and yet no one knows you as well as you know yourself. They can guide you, yes, yet you’re the one who can reach all of the puzzle pieces of your life. You may just need a little help assembling them.

Allow me to help you access just a little bit of your own inner wisdom today, to brighten up all of your tomorrows.


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