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A Glimpse Beyond the Illusion-043

You may have sensed that there’s something beyond this ‘reality’.

You may already know that physics and spirituality have arrived at the same conclusion, although they’ve come about this in entirely different ways.

This conclusion is life-changing, but only if you are willing to cut through the noise and confusion that’s been blocking you from truly seeing, hearing and believing the message.

This message is for you, if you want to rise above a sense of struggle. This message is also for you if you believe that Einstein knew a thing or two.

Read on to get a glimpse beyond the illusion you’re living.


When You’re In One Place and Your Heart’s in Another-042

How often do you feel like you really want to do something but you can’t because of your responsibilities? You know, when you’d just LOVE to get out of the routine and take life in by getting outdoors, doing your favorite hobby, or going on a new adventure.

You feel really torn, right?

Do you know what happens if your energy’s often directed away from what you really want?

All of the frustration from each instance builds and has an IMMENSE IMPACT on your state of being on all levels. And you wonder why you don’t always feel well….hmmm…..

Read on to see why it’s so important to follow your heart and see what happens when you keep finding reasons that you can’t.


Is Time On Your Side? -041

Have you been reading my articles lately? 

Or have you been too busy to notice that you’re always chasing after something?

What is your real relationship with time? Are you usually relaxed, with a sense that everything will work out alright? Or do you feel like you have to be ‘on’ most of the time, so there’s always a hint of uneasiness or unrest?

If you’re never really at rest, there’s something under there that needs to be explored. And it means the difference between living your life on the surface from un-ease, dis-ease or depletion, versus living fully and making the very most of every moment.

Let’s lift up the hood and see how you’ve been recreating exactly what you don’t want over and over again.


Heal Your Relationship With Time -040

Let me guess…you keep telling yourself that you’ll have more time to do what you want down the road. But for now, there’s a bunch of stuff on your plate that you absolutely have to do.

I feel your frustration!

How much longer do you want this to continue? Feeling that you’re not getting enough done but that it’s all up to you can run you down. It’ll eventually cause you to burn out, numb out or get depressed because you hardly ever get to really live.

I have some very good news for you if this is what you’re experiencing. There is a way to move out of this slogging energy into a more peaceful, freer state and you can design your own roadmap on how to do this with some guidance.

Read on to see that you need to do something different to heal your relationship with time.


Undone -039

Do you ever feel like you’ve come undone?

“Too many mountains and not enough stairs to climb

Too many churches and not enough truth

Too many people and not enough eyes to see

Too many lives to lead and not enough time

It’s too late, She’s gone too far

She’s lost the sun, She’s come undone” 

-“Undun”, The Guess Who

If this strikes a chord, imagine what’s possible if you just let go of every single thing that you think you have to do. Chances are that you’re already rhyming off all the reasons you couldn’t possibly do that. But this keeps you in the rut.

If you tune deep down inside to what you really want when you feel like this, I’ll bet that you’ll welcome the peace and freedom that result when you let go of all expectations you have of yourself.

What if you dropped the perfection for JUST ONE DAY?

That’s exactly what I was thinking yesterday…

Guess what I did?


Are You Trying Too Hard to Make Something Happen?-038

Hey, is there something you’ve been trying really really hard to ‘make happen’ and it seems like such a sloooooow process?

If so, you’re sabotaging yourself. Why not make things easier?

I’m here at the Ontario University Swimming Championships and I have some BIG insights to share with you when it comes to achievement.


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