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New Insights

Does Your Environment Speak To You? (#49)

Do the places where you hang out the most feel rejuvenating or depleting to you?

If a room could speak, what would your surroundings really say? Have you ever wondered?

And would its message be a whisper, a statement or a SHOUT?

The environment that you’re in most often may be calming and supportive…but if not, you need to pay attention and shift the quality of energy that you’re surrounding yourself with.

Read on for ideas on how to shift your environment from one that feels heavy to one that’s uplifting and feeds your soul.


The Truth Behind The Force (#48)

Every May 4th you’re probably bombarded with messages about The Force. If you’re a little geeky like me, you’re already familiar with Star Wars.

But really, what’s all the fuss about?

It goes way beyond movie scripts; it’s about the intrinsic appeal of a concept that so many of us sense as the truth. The idea that there’s a creative life force streaming through you with every breath, and you can learn how to connect with it to change the course of your life.

Are you with me?

Learning the art of connecting with this Force, or ‘Source’, shall we say, is available to everyone, not just Jedi Knights. 🙂

Read on for a summary of some basic truths about the Force and examples of what’s possible when you tap into it!


The Ultimate Gift of Overwhelm (#47)

What if I told you that an overwhelmed state is an absolute gift just waiting to be unwrapped?

A gift you say?

Yes, and not just any gift. Maybe more than any other emotion, overwhelm is guiding you to the ultimate gift: the gift of being fully present, peaceful and connected with your higher consciousness. But you don’t have to be in overwhelm to learn how to do this.

Imagine being able to access a feeling of peace whenever you want!

For a deeper understanding of the connection between overwhelm and peace, please read on…


Out of the Ordinary (#46)

Are there parts of your personality that you’ve kept under-cover that are screaming to get out?

I just love satisfying those parts of me by doing something that’s ridiculously fun, especially when it’s out of my normal way of being.

If you’re ready to do the same, please read on…


Taking On Too Much (#45)

Are you the responsible one in your family or workplace? The one who orchestrates just about everything because others either slack off, or just aren’t available?

If you feel it’s all up to you, and you’re tired of pulling the weight of everyone else, this message is for you.

Although it appears that you got the short end of the stick, you’re the one who chose it. Yes you heard me correctly; on an unconscious level you decided to take on too much and by doing so you’re sabotaging yourself in deeper ways than you probably realize.

I’ll bet you don’t know just how deep this goes, and how it’s been limiting your world for a very long time.

Read on to find out the real reason you’re left with the brunt of the responsibilities, why it seems you need to work more than your share and how to turn it all around.


Mission I’m-Possible (#44)

Do you ever feel like you’ve signed up for an impossible mission? You know, those dips in time when you know you’ve done all of the ‘right’ things and have gone to the ends of the earth only to wonder if you’re still at the starting gate?

Your mission, should you decide to accept it…

Just like the character Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible, you may be confused, frustrated….and you want answers now.

Believe it or not, at times like this you’re in the very best position to affect massive change in your life. This is a signal that you’re ready to break through old patterns that were holding you back and limiting your sense of fulfillment.

But how do you break through? There’s an art to it; let me explain…


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